DGV 02 ФОТО-проект
"You become responsible for what you have tamed."
04.07.2015 – 18.07.2015

The objective of this project is for volunteers to raise awareness of the issues of animal homelessness, maltreatment and abandonment in Samara. Volunteers will publicize the work of the “Nadezhda” Animal Shelter - providing a refuge to homeless or abandoned animals, by photographing stray animals living on the street and, in contrast, animals that the “Nadezhda” Animal Shelter has rescued and provided care and shelter for.
-Taking photographs of stray animals on the streets of Samara in order to document their poor health and suffering due to the conditions and disadvantages of homelessness.
-Taking contrasting photographs of those animals which “Nadezhda” Animal Shelter has been able to help. The photographs should convey the improved quality of life of these animals; their wellbeing, good health and happiness.
-Organizing, promoting, and overseeing a photographic exhibition on animal welfare in Samara, using the photographs the volunteers have taken. The aim of the exhibition is to provide evidence of the actuality of animal suffering in Samara and invoke the people of Samara into facilitating, by whichever means possible, the work of the “Nadezhda” Animal Shelter.
To be confirmed (Holiday house, youth hostel or host family)
Prepared by volunteers