DGV 01Grushinsky festival
29.06 – 08.07 2015

Grushinsky festival(Russian:Грушинский фестиваль) is an annual Russiansongthat has been established in 1968. It takes place near the city of, on the Mastryukovo lakes.
During the first years of having children at the festival, they either could not or did not want to take part in the general programme, and were forced either to walk aimlessly around the festival area, making it difficult for their parents to have a normal holiday. Children need a special kind of holiday, one that differs from adult holidays. As a solution to this problem, since 1993 at the festival there has been a children’s programme organised on the strength of volunteers. Every year, children can talk with their peers, take part in all sorts of games and competitions, led by specially trained volunteers – activity leaders, young people themselves, just like many festival guests.
The team of activity leaders will arrive 2-3 days before the start of the working programme, to carry out joint training in team building, to prepare the playground, equipment, decoration and advertise for the festival. From Thursday to Sunday every hour will be spent leading various events for children and teenagers – the participants of the Grushinsky Festival.
Accommodation and food:
tents/ self cooking